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Magazine Features!!!! Yessssss!!!!

June 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

When Bethany E Photography and I collaborated on "The Imperfectly Perfect Woman" photoshoot, we wanted it to inspire... Inspire women to be in love with themselves... inspire them to be happy with self. To encourage women to live their best lives. 

After having my Sun, I no longer recognized myself in the mirror. I was not happy with my body. For a while, I struggled... I went through a moment of depression. I couldn't fit any of my clothes... my face was huge...

I was not happy with me.

Eventually, I dug myself out of that depressing hole... and resurfaced as the woman I am today. That is why this project was so important to me... because I know there are women out there who go through struggles every day. They struggle with their dreams, goals, appearance... so many of us live our lives concerned with the opinions of others... with total disregard of ourselves.

"The Imperfectly Perfect Woman" photo shoot was a reminder to the women involved, and every other woman out there, to encourage each other and to love ourselves. If you would like to see some behind-the-scene pics and read about what went into the shoot, check out my blog entry here!

When I was notified that one of our models from the project would be featured in not one, but TWO MAGAZINES?!?!?! The tears. Lol! 

Not only are we featured in the May issue of Toffee and Honey magazine...


We're also featured in the June issue of Rangefinder Magazine!!! 


Thank you, Toffee + Honey and Range Finder Magazine, for seeing the beauty in our work! I am truly grateful! Special thanks goes to Bethany E. Photography for believing in my vision and always being supportive of my passion. Also, thanks to Emilie Tanner, the beautiful model in the featured photos, and the other models who took a chance on Bethany and me! Thank you, Teri, Jade, Netta, Nella, Nita, Lina, and me! LOL!

To all the women out there, let your Inner Goddess shine through! 

You are LOVE!

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