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Danessa Myrick's Master Makeup Class in London 2018

June 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I remember the first time I met Danessa Myricks... it was at The Makeup Show in Dallas... 2014. I always admired her work as a makeup artist. I was not able to attend her seminar at The Makeup Show, but I knew one day, that I would attend her class, and see her create magic right before my eyes.

When I found out she was having a class in London, I canceled my girls' trip to Portugal... I truly believed that going to her class would be one of the best investments into my business and my craft. My sweet, supportive husband agreed, and supported my decision to travel from Italy to London to attend this class.

This was the first time I ever went on a solo vacation... and it was AH-MAZING!!!


The day before the class, I decided to take the London Tour and do a little sightseeing. Little did I know that my plans were going to change... as I walked through the Kensington Garden, my intuition spoke to me... told me to look on Instagram. I saw a post by Guru Makeup Emporium, saying that Danessa was going to be at their store later that afternoon for a meet and greet! As a Pro member of Guru Makeup, I had never physically visited the store. I looked up the address on Google Maps, and realized I was only TWELVE MINUTES AWAY!!! 

I decided to put the tour on pause, grab something to eat, and walk to Guru Makeup. As I'm approaching the store, the beautiful, talented, Daness Myricks is standing outside... 

I was sooooooo excited! LOL!

Not only did I get to meet Danessa, I also networked with the lovely ladies of Guru Makeup, and the event planners who who assisted Danessa with planning her makeup class in London. Everyone was super sweet, and I truly enjoyed myself! 


June 3rd... the day of the class... 

Waves of emotions take over me... I was excited, anxious... I knew the class would be packed... and I absolutely knew no one else that would be attending. However, when I arrived, the first few ladies I met were super friendly! I knew right then that the class would be one to remember.

Seeing Danessa in her element... from the products she used, to the techniques she showed us... to business advice... her class was extremely informative. Also, the energy in that room was full of life! To top it off, she gave some great prizes, like Glamcor lights, and some items from her product line! Like, how cool is that?!?!?!

Needless to say, her class was worth every dime spent to attend! 


I met some pretty cool people...


...and received some pretty cool products in our gift bags!!!


I am so grateful to have been in attendance... I already see a difference in my technique, and I know with practice, I will get better! Thank you Danessa for being such an angel!!!! It's people like you who keeps the love flowing in the makeup industry!


By the way... if you're a makeup artist, you definitely should have some, if not all of her products in your kit! Her line is perfection!! to visit her website, click here

Also, if you ever have the opportunity to attend her class, do it! Trust me... it's worth it! 


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