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When I found out she was having a class in London, I canceled my girls' trip to Portugal... I truly believed that going to her class would be one of the best investments into my business and my craft. My sweet, supportive husband agreed, and supported my decision to travel from Italy to London to attend this class.

This was the first time I ever went on a solo vacation... and it was AH-MAZING!!!


The day before the class, I decided to take the London Tour and do a little sightseeing. Little did I know that my plans were going to change... as I walked through the Kensington Garden, my intuition spoke to me... told me to look on Instagram. I saw a post by Guru Makeup Emporium, saying that Danessa was going to be at their store later that afternoon for a meet and greet! As a Pro member of Guru Makeup, I had never physically visited the store. I looked up the address on Google Maps, and realized I was only TWELVE MINUTES AWAY!!! 

I decided to put the tour on pause, grab something to eat, and walk to Guru Makeup. As I'm approaching the store, the beautiful, talented, Daness Myricks is standing outside... 

I was sooooooo excited! LOL!

Not only did I get to meet Danessa, I also networked with the lovely ladies of Guru Makeup, and the event planners who who assisted Danessa with planning her makeup class in London. Everyone was super sweet, and I truly enjoyed myself! 


June 3rd... the day of the class... 

Waves of emotions take over me... I was excited, anxious... I knew the class would be packed... and I absolutely knew no one else that would be attending. However, when I arrived, the first few ladies I met were super friendly! I knew right then that the class would be one to remember.

Seeing Danessa in her element... from the products she used, to the techniques she showed us... to business advice... her class was extremely informative. Also, the energy in that room was full of life! To top it off, she gave some great prizes, like Glamcor lights, and some items from her product line! Like, how cool is that?!?!?!

Needless to say, her class was worth every dime spent to attend! 


I met some pretty cool people...


...and received some pretty cool products in our gift bags!!!


I am so grateful to have been in attendance... I already see a difference in my technique, and I know with practice, I will get better! Thank you Danessa for being such an angel!!!! It's people like you who keeps the love flowing in the makeup industry!


By the way... if you're a makeup artist, you definitely should have some, if not all of her products in your kit! Her line is perfection!! to visit her website, click here

Also, if you ever have the opportunity to attend her class, do it! Trust me... it's worth it! 

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Magazine Features!!!! Yessssss!!!! https://eyesofvenusmua.com/blog/2018/6/magazine-features-yessssss When Bethany E Photography and I collaborated on "The Imperfectly Perfect Woman" photoshoot, we wanted it to inspire... Inspire women to be in love with themselves... inspire them to be happy with self. To encourage women to live their best lives. 

After having my Sun, I no longer recognized myself in the mirror. I was not happy with my body. For a while, I struggled... I went through a moment of depression. I couldn't fit any of my clothes... my face was huge...

I was not happy with me.

Eventually, I dug myself out of that depressing hole... and resurfaced as the woman I am today. That is why this project was so important to me... because I know there are women out there who go through struggles every day. They struggle with their dreams, goals, appearance... so many of us live our lives concerned with the opinions of others... with total disregard of ourselves.

"The Imperfectly Perfect Woman" photo shoot was a reminder to the women involved, and every other woman out there, to encourage each other and to love ourselves. If you would like to see some behind-the-scene pics and read about what went into the shoot, check out my blog entry here!

When I was notified that one of our models from the project would be featured in not one, but TWO MAGAZINES?!?!?! The tears. Lol! 

Not only are we featured in the May issue of Toffee and Honey magazine...


We're also featured in the June issue of Rangefinder Magazine!!! 


Thank you, Toffee + Honey and Range Finder Magazine, for seeing the beauty in our work! I am truly grateful! Special thanks goes to Bethany E. Photography for believing in my vision and always being supportive of my passion. Also, thanks to Emilie Tanner, the beautiful model in the featured photos, and the other models who took a chance on Bethany and me! Thank you, Teri, Jade, Netta, Nella, Nita, Lina, and me! LOL!

To all the women out there, let your Inner Goddess shine through! 

You are LOVE!

To see more photos from "The Imperfectly Perfect Woman" series, click here!

To read the online feature in Range Finder magazine, click here!

To read the May Issue of Toffee + Honey Magazine, click here!

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Modern Pinup Shoot https://eyesofvenusmua.com/blog/2018/5/modern-pinup-shoot Working with Darian Matthews is always a pleasure. When she asked me to collaborate with her on a modern pinup concept shoot, I was definitely interested... especially because I absolutely love playing in red lipstick!!

For this shoot, I had the pleasure of applying makeup on five beautiful models... Hanna, Jade, Lina, Ania and Rosalie. Darian was the photographer and wardrobe stylist.

For this shoot, I used the following products:

-Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Foundation and Stunna Liquid Lipstick

-MAC Cosmetics Studio Tech Foundation, Fix +, Mineralized Skin Finish Natural Powder, Cherry Lipliner, and Ruby Woo Lipstick

-Juvia's Place Saharan Blush Palettes and Nubian Palette

-Coloured Raine 2AM and Cherry Blossom Liquid Lipstick

-Dose of Colors Merlot Liquid Lipstick and Cream Matte Eyeliner in Shady

-Illamasqua Matte Veil Primer

-Cover FX Mattifying Primer

Here are a few of the professional and behind-the-scene photos. To see more, check out the Beauty Category of my porfolio! :)


Photographer: Darian MatthewsPhotographer: Darian Matthews Photographer: Darian MatthewsPhotographer: Darian Matthews Photographer: Darian MatthewsPhotographer: Darian Matthews Photographer: Darian MatthewsPhotographer: Darian Matthews Photographer: Darian MatthewsPhotographer: Darian Matthews


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“See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil ” https://eyesofvenusmua.com/blog/2018/4/-see-no-evil-hear-no-evil-speak-no-evil This project was a collaboration that was very exciting to me... especially because I love working with latex and creating super creepy looks. When a makeup colleague, Jen Coco Makeup, asked me to collaborate on this project with her, I could not refuse! The concept was super creative, and I was honored to be a part of her vision.

The makeup for this shoot took a lot of time and work, but it was all worth it... and the models were such troopers!

For this shoot, I applied the foundation and eye makeup on each model, and did the SFX for the "See No Evil" model. I also assisted with blood splatter and application. Jen did the SFX for the "Hear and Speak No Evil" models, and also applied blood.

Our photographers were Brandi Clark and Bethany Erby (Bethany E. Photography).

Here are a few behind-the-scene photos of the models prior to shooting:


Products used:

-Nigel Beauty FX Latex

-Ben Nye FX Bruises Color Wheel, Fresh Scab Blood, Stage Blood and Dark Blood, Magicake Aquacake Palette, and Final Seal (purchased from Nigel Beauty Emporium)

-MAC Cosmetics Studio Tech FOundations and Media Lipstick

-Juvia's Place Nubian and Masquerade Palette


To see the final photos, check out my SFX folder in my online portfolio! :)

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"The Princess Bride" https://eyesofvenusmua.com/blog/2018/4/-the-princess-bride It is always a pleasure working with Darian of D. Matthews Photography. She has some pretty amazing concepts, and I love assisting her in bringing them to life. it was absolutely beautiful outside... spring is definitely in the air. It was the perfect day for spending time in a town in Italy and taking photos of a beautifully bronzed princess near a castle...

...and that is exactly what we did. 

Bethany, Darian and I, along with the kids and our model, the beautiful Ania Erby, took a scenic drive to Trieste. We decided to have Ania's makeup done prior to hitting the road for the 1 1/2 hour drive. Ania has some of the most breath-taking almond-shaped eyes I have ever seen. Her skin is molded of the finest chocolate. She is such a beautiful goddess! 

For this shoot, I wanted to create a fresh, dewy, super glowy face. Here is a list of the products used to create this look:

-Danessa Myricks Enlight Illuminators in Burning Love and Synergy

-Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Foundation in 420

-Juvia's Place Nubian palette and Saharan Blush Vol 1

-MAC Strobe Cream, Grand Illusion Glossy Liquid Lipcolor in Twinkle Twink and Lipliner in Chestnut

-Tarte Cosmetics Maracuja Oil and Shape Tape Concealer in Deep

-Illamasqua Radiance Veil Primer

-Mario Badescu Facial Spray in Aloe, Herbs and Lavender

Here's what her skin looked like during the sunset... 

I also applied makeup on her shoulders, arms and décolleté.

By the way... check out this scenery!!!!


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"Woman: The Imperfect Perfection" https://eyesofvenusmua.com/blog/2018/4/-woman-the-imperfect-perfection This project...

It took me about a year to get this project organized and off the ground. I knew what I wanted to do, but for months, I struggled with HOW I wanted to execute it. Without a doubt, I knew I wanted the photos to be captured by my friend, my Sis... Bethany E. Photography. Her work is beyond amazing, and her energy was a perfect match for what I wanted to accomplish with the models.

For this project, I did a model casting call in a private spouses group on Facebook. I wanted seven women... everyday women... mothers, wives, military members, pregnant... I wanted to capture the beauty of each woman, while empowering and motivating her to be the best woman she could be. I wanted to remind her that she is perfect, despite her flaws... that even her flaws were perfect. I wanted her to accept and become one with every freckle, curve, stretch mark, love handle, cellulite and wrinkle. 

To accomplish each look, Bethany and I invested into some of my favorite cosmetic brands, listed below:

-Danessa Myricks Beauty Enlight Illuminators and Metal Pigments

-Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Foundations

-Juvia's Place (eyeshadow and blush palettes)

-Morphe Brushes Dare to Create Palette

-Ben Nye Liquiset and Prosthetic Adhesive (purchased from Nigel Beauty Emporium)

MUOBU Glitter Festival (various glitters and face/body jewels and glitter glue)

Here are a few 'behind-the-scenes' photos from the shoot. To read about each woman's experience during the shoot, please check out Bethany's blog! Special thanks go out to Darian Matthews and the entire Erby family for their assistance during this project, whether it was babysitting my Sun, or sticking jewels on nude women... lol! Your help was truly appreciated.


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"Spring Beauty" https://eyesofvenusmua.com/blog/2018/4/-spring-beauty As the Spring Solstice drew near, I knew I wanted to try something new... something creative... something FUN! When Chris Bailey messaged me about a collaboration, giving me full creative direction, I could not be more excited! The model we would be working with was a familiar face, as I have worked with Lina Pastel on the "Woman: Imperfect Perfection" project I did a few weeks ago.

Behind the Scene PhotoModel: Lina Pastel

The "flower on the face" concept was something I have wanted to do for a while. Maritza Rivera, a fellow makeup artist, was the first person I knew to execute such a concept, and I absolutely fell in love with it. I had to replicate it one day, and Lina's face was the perfect canvas.

Behind the Scene PhotoModel: Lina Pastel

Product Details:

-Juvia's Place Zulu Palette

-MAC Studio Tech Foundation in NC42

-Juvia's Place Saharan II Blush Palette

-Ardell Demi Wispies, 2 pairs

-MAC Currant Lipliner and Faux Lipstick

-MAC Mineralized Finish Natural Powder in Medium Golden



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